Support for International Attorneys
We have good experience with helping attorneys with legal matters, and to help them understand the US legal system. We have worked directly with Intellectual Property attorneys from Japan, China, Korea, Germany, Mexico and South America, among others.

We understand the difficulties that are involved with international legal disputes. We know how to best reduce or minimize the litigation burden. We know this means reducing the legal issues involved wherever possible, and reducing the costs during the litigation so that it is sustainable.

We will make sure that our clients understand ahead of time what risks and rewards may be involved in the litigation. We explain the situation so that it is clear, and we explain the things that will follow.

Our goal is to give you the best chance of success in any legal dispute. We have very good experience in all aspects of Intellectual Property law, including patent law, trademark law, and copyright law. And, we have good experience in business law including trade secrets and corporate law.

We also understand how contracts are applied in international business transactions.

We can support your efforts in other ways, too. Our experience lets us see other solutions to legal problems and business problems. We strive to help our clients avoid litigation, and find other solutions when appropriate.

We also understand the need to keep litigation as short as possible. We know many ways to encourage a favorable settlement in litigation disputes, whether for the plaintiff or for the defendant.

Let us help you! We are happy to talk with you in a free initial consultation; and there is no obligation whatsoever.